This is the time of year when families are leaving teams and new families are rolling in. This time last year we were starting off at a new time. I felt extremely welcomed and excited to be joining this new football family. The other staff member’s families made me feel at ease about all the new changes to come.

One of the ways I was welcomed into this group was through a secret Facebook page. This page was created by one of the wives and had other wives and girlfriends in it. When I was added to the group I felt accepted and in the loop of what was going on, even at a distance. I was informed of team dinners, events, and other random things.

Another way I felt included was by spending time individually with the women. One invited me for drinks, one invited me for lunch, and another invited me to spend time at the pool with their family. Getting to know them and their families on individual levels made me feel less overwhelmed than being thrown into a group of 15 families who all already know each other at one time.

Some other ways to welcome new families to the staff:
  • Bring them a welcome basket with cookies, information about places in town, take out menus, team memorabilia, and any other fun stuff.
  • Invite their kids for a play date with yours and spend time getting to know the mom.
  • Plan a team pool party and barbecue.

What are ways that you feel most welcomed when you head to a new team?

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