10 Things I Would Tell Myself If I Could Go Back In Time

1.)    Those bullies will mean nothing in ten years. (Seriously, they didn’t affect you long term and they are not presidents, pop stars, or anything miraculous.)

2.)    Raise your hand in class. (Learn what you can. While you don’t need to do the quadratic equation or what happened in 1942 on a daily basis, knowledge is power.)

3.)    Don’t worry about the boys. (You won’t even remember who your crush was sophomore year of high school. You’ll find a remarkable boyfriend when the time is right.)

4.)    Be nice to your Mom. (Seriously, she’s a gem. Don’t talk back. Don’t be rude. Just accept what she tells you and respect it. She makes her rules they are for a reason.)

5.)    Build healthy habits. (The eating and exercise habits you have now will affect you for the rest of your life. Make good choices now and they will carry on into your life later.)

6.)    Trust Jesus. (He is the one who makes the plans. Trust it!)

7.)    Go to junior college first. (It’ll save you a lot of money and a lot of grief.)

8.)    Call your grandparents. (They’ll be gone before you know it.)

9.)    All that reading will pay off. (Your vocabulary is strong, your retention is strong, your writing skills are great, and your imagination is out there.)

10.) Speak more kindly of Mrs. F. (Although she made you cry daily senior year, she made you the writer you are.)

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