Whenever something tragic happens to a public figure, it is displayed on numerous news outlets with various sides to the story. In Lamar Odom's case, the past couple years of his life have been full of tragedy displayed for the nation to see. Over the course of just a few years, Lamar Odom's six month old son died to SIDS, his basketball career vanished, his marriage to Khloe Kardashian ended very publicly, the death of his cousin, involvement in a fatal car accident, and two of his closest friends overdosed. These painful experiences sent Lamar on a downward spiral of drug use and promiscuity.

In times like these, many are quick to judge. However, Lamar Odom knew no better than the example that has been set for him throughout his life, with an alcoholic, abusive father. Basketball has been Odom's identity throughout his life. Playing as a toddler, all the way up to 2014, when he was waived by the Knicks. Instead of finding his identity in Christ, he found it in something that was so easily taken away.

During this time, it is easy to throw shade toward the Kardashian family, but let's utilize our energy to uplift Lamar in prayer. Pray for his health, his children, his future, and for his energy to be channeled positively to finding a new identity in Christ.

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