There are so many helpful applications with technology that are assistive to children with autism. Below are some of the best apps I have found, where you can find them, how much they are, and what they do.

4 kidcal ($1.99) (iPad, iPhone, iTouch)
Teaches children how to use calendars to remember special dates. They record a message and choose an icon for the event, which is reflected on the calendar. This teachers children with autism to build important planning skills and the use of technology for time management skills.

AAC Speech Communicator (Free) (Android)
Uses pictograms to create grammatically correct sentences. It has a text to speech feature to help children with autism with their communication skills.

Autism Emotion (Free) (iPad, iPhone, iTouch)
This app uses music and photos to teach children with autism about different emotions.

Avakid: See Me Go Potty ($4.99) (Android, iPad, iPhone, iTouch)
Allows the child to create an avatar that resembles themselves and enables them to play the Go Potty narrative, step by step.

b-Calm (Free) (iPad, iPhone, iTouch)
Intervention and noise control tool to help children with sensory challenges and learning disabilities. Allows individuals to react positively to a noisy environment, with noise making signals and soothing audio experiences.

Chore Monster (Free) (Android, iPad, iPhone, iTouch)
An app based on self-regulation, personal choices, and positive reinforcement that allows children to earn allowance, points, or stars while working on behavior modification. Helps children learn to earn, save, and spend wisely while also learning to be a good citizen.

Hippi 1 ($2.49) (Windows 8)
Helps learners to understand cause and effect of actions.

iDress for Weather ($1.99) (iPad, iPhone, iTouch)
Helps children to pick appropriate clothes for current weather conditions.

My Life Skills Box ($0.99) (iPad, iPhone, iTouch)
Allows children to learn how to deal with everyday life skills, social skills, and functional play.

Simple Sort: Counting
($0.99) (iPad)
Teaches counting, sorting, adding, ordering, and comparing numbers in a fun, creative way.

Stack the States
($0.99) (iPad, iPhone, iTouch)

Learn state capitals, geographic locations, and more about our nation.

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