Thank you Alexandrea Garza for tagging me to do "My Signature Style in 5." Last year I did a ton of tag videos & posts, and I am glad that they are making their way back around the internet.

  1. Who are your style icons? Nicole Richie, Lauren Conrad, and Kourtney Kardashian are my favorite celebrity style icons. My YouTube style icons are Kalyn Nicholson, Bethany Mota, and Sarah Reyes.
  2. Best style tip or advice? Be true to yourself. Wear what you want to wear and style it however best suits you. Don't focus on trends or what everyone else is doing.
  3. What was your style like as a teen? Pretty bland. I think I wore jeans and a sweatshirt to school most days. I did NOT have great style.
  4. What type of outfit do you wear the most? I think I wear workout clothes the most. After work I change into joggers and a t shirt and Nike's to work out and run errands. 
  5. Who is your favorite designer? Lauren Conrad. Her prices are great and I love her style. 
I tag CarlieStylez, Marissa Lace, and Adrienne Finch to participate in the My Signature Style in 5 Tag!

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