6:00 Alarm clock goes off. Turn it off.
6:30 Alarm #2 goes off. Turn it off.
6:40 Alarm #3 goes off. Turn it off.
6:45 Alarm #4 goes off. Turn it off. Reluctantly gets out of bed.
6:46 Check social media. Read e-mails. Forget to reply to 97% of them.
7:15 Realize I'm going to be late to work. Get up. Throw on clothes, brush teeth, run a brush through my hair.
7:45 Make a shake. Throw a few things in my lunch box. Hope it's enough for the day.
8:00 Get into car. Rub eyes. Send a couple snap chats. Take off to work.
8:13 Curse all LA commuters.
8:16 Curse them again.
8:32 Get to work. Linger in car. Send a few more snap chats.
9:00 Work officially starts. Answer emails. Talk to students.
12:15 Eat some lunch. Linger in break room. Realize I have a room of kids waiting on me and head back to class.
1:13 Resist urge to eat all of the cookies in the break room.
1:17 Walk past cookies a few times, telling myself I don't need them.
1:24 Caves and eats a cookie.
3:00 Go home from work.
3:30 Lay down for a while playing Candy Crush.
3:57 Realize I should do something with my afternoon.
4:00 Work out.
5:00 Beach Body Power Hour.
6:00 Eat some dinner.
6:13 Clean up said dinner.
6:18 Begin binge watching my Tivo queue.
8:30 Stare aimlessly into my computer screen realizing I have let a whole day get away without cleaning, doing laundry, or crossing anything off my to do list.
8:42 Make new to do list for the next day, in which I will repeat all of this again.
9:00 Doze in and out of sleep for the next 9 hours while Shaytards vlogs play in the background.

Welcome to my life.

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