Along with creating a mission statement, I regained motivation in creating a vision board. I did this for my personal life, instead of just for my blog, because my posts here are often dictated by what I am doing, feeling, and thinking on a daily basis.

Vision boards have always been detrimental to my achievements. They create a future through images of intentions. They are a collage of all we hope to achieve. This can be done on a Pinterest board or in a notebook, but I prefer to make mine on my bulletin board to be reminded of my dreams daily.

I love to cut pictures out of magazines, write quotes, and key words. I allow my heart to guide this process and create based on instinct.

Here is my recent board:

1.) To get married.
2.) To have children.
3.) To make an impact on the world.
4.) To have a beautiful home.
5.) To be debt free and live comfortably financially. 
6.) Hit 1,000,000 readers on my blog.
7.) Learn how to snowboard.
8.) Go on a Hawaiian vacation.
9.) Attend many Angels baseball games. 
10.) Get my Master's degree. 

What's on your vision board?


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