This month's challenge of The Happiness Project is to be more mindful, especially of my surroundings, especially when it comes to cleanliness. I have been trying to declutter and get more organized, in various aspects of my life. Here are my top ten organization tips:

  1. Flip all the clothes in your closet to have the hangers facing backwards. As you wear things, hang them back up normally. After 6 months, whatever is not worn needs to be donated. (If you actually have seasons unlike us LA girls who enjoyed a 78 degree day yesterday, do this after a year.)
  2. Use shelf risers to see DVDs. If you have a lot of DVDs, make them all more visible on the shelf, instead of always having to shuffle through all of them when making a movie night choice.
  3. Hang shelves upside down for easy compartments.

      4. Use door knobs to hang the shower caddy. This guarantees it won't slide down the shower head.
      5. Use a shoe rack as a shelving unit on top of your desk. This keeps everything organized, yet readily available and visible.
      6. Use a magnetic knife strip to organize tools and scissors. 

       7.  Pre-sort laundry with three hampers instead of one. Having the darks, whites, and colors separated before laundry day will save a lot of time.
       8. Use luggage tags to label baskets.
       9. Unsubscribe from unnecessary emails. I recently used this website to take me off the mailing lists of various companies and websites.
      10. Just get rid of all the junk! Stop hoarding things that have not been used since the 7th grade. Face reality. That dress that has been hanging in the closet for two years waiting for the perfect place to wear? DONATE!

What are your best organization tips?


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