Valentine's Day is four days away. And if your guy is anything like mine, shopping is a nightmare. We are both very blessed and do not need much, so when it comes time to buy gifts, it is hard to find something that the other person will enjoy and also get a good use out of. Here are five gift ideas for your guy:

Candy! Who doesn't love candy!? Most holidays have a Reese's peanut butter cup attached to the gift, just because James loves them, but I know he won't buy them on his own.

A beer making kit -- something fun to do, either with his buddies, or the two of you together. It could create a new hobby...or it could be an epic fail.

A watch -- There are thousands of styles, colors,'re guaranteed to find one that your man will like, that is also in your price range.

Shoes -- running shoes, casual shoes, dress shoes -- whichever he prefers!

Sports wear...or tickets -- spring training is fast approaching, surprise your honey with tickets to spring training, or better yet, opening day! (Hey, I'd love this too!)

What are you getting your sweetheart on Saturday?

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