This season of The Bachelor is down to two women, Whitney and Becca. They happen to be the two I picked in the season premiere, saying they would be the last two standing. I would love to stay I am extremely skilled in my pickings (I have only had one wrong choice in the past 12 seasons, where my choice was runner up.) However, it just comes down to which two seem the most normal and attractive. I believe Whitney will win, I have chosen Whitney since she stepped out of the limo, and many websites with spoilers say that she is who Chris Soules will choose.

The journey to Whitney though has not been an easy one for Chris. He has had to endure 29 other women, 23 of whom are absolute nut jobs. Where do they find these people!? Here are my rankings of the women this season, from most to least likely to be found in a mental institution.

30.) Kelsey- Not only was she manipulative and mean, but she also said she found her former husband's death to be "beautiful."'s true. She said it.

29.) Ashley I- Get out of here with this Kim K. crying face PLEASE.

28.) Ashley S- I partially believe her crazy antics were played up by request of the producers, but her hazy thoughts, belief that onions and pomegranates were the same, and speaking of her own language, made me think she was one stop short of the crazy train.

27.) Carly- This girl had cruel intentions and a spiteful soul. She also is missing eyebrows.

26.) Mackenzie- She started their first date by telling Chris he had a big nose. She also named her child Kale...yes, after the lettuce.

25.) Kara- Her first words to Chris when stepping out of the limo were, "we would make the cutest babies." She then said she would be a servant to Chris and do whatever he asked her to do. Luckily, she was sent home the first night.

24.) Samantha- She seemed like a sweet girl, but she didn't get much screen time. When she was eliminated in week five I actually said, "Who is Samantha?"

23.) Nikki- She is listed as a former NFL now what is she?

22.) Michelle- No clue who she is. Figured I would just throw her name in at random.

21.) Amanda- The secret admirer thing was done last Chris.

20.) Amber- Another person that made no lasting impression on me, but I ranked her higher than Michelle because she made it to week three.

19.) Nicole- Wearing a pig nose when you step out of the limo is a sure fire way to be sent home in the first night.

18.) Reegan- she stepped out of the limo with an ice chest with a heart in it...I think someone might need that ma'am.

17.) Alissa- This flight attendant's limo exit was adorable, but her personality stopped there.

16.) Kimberly- I remember nothing about her. She was sent home week two.

15.) Tandra- Riding in on a motorcyle was a bossy move, but she sadly was sent home in week two. I feel like she didn't get enough time with Chris. She was sweet, gorgeous, and could have been a good fit for him.

14.) Tracy- Her note from her students was sweet, but other than that I remember nothing about her.

13.) Brittany- Am I the only one who thinks the SOULESMATES sign was pure genius?

12.) Bo- The fact that this woman is considered plus sized makes me want to throw up, then go run a marathon. Our society is disgusting.

11.) Trina- I have a special place in my heart for special education teachers. It takes tender, patient people to have such a rewarding career.

10.) Tara- I like that she didn't show up in the normal cocktail party attire, but she drank way too much.

9.) Megan- I thought her and Chris had a great connection, but she didn't agree. She sent herself home in week seven.

8.) Jordan- I love that she stepped out of the limo with a shot of whiskey for Chris. Even though she drank too much, I think she was just trying to mask her nerves. I liked her a lot and wish Chris would have given her a second chance when she asked for it.

7.) Jillian- I liked her personality, but her biceps scared me. Also her one on one date with Chris was extremely awkward.

6.) Jade- She is very sweet and beautiful. I think her and Chris were a great match...even his sisters agreed. However, I could not date someone who had done Playboy either.

5.) Juelia- I thought Juelia was one of the most tender hearted girls this season. However, I always seem to have a problem with women who leave their kids at home to come on the show. I understand that they are looking for love, but I do not agree with their decision.

4.) Becca- Before the season began I read all the bios on ABC's website and Becca was my favorite. She is an intelligent, beautiful woman who has stayed true to her personal beliefs. (At least that is what I believe to be true via Fantasy Suite.)

3.) Kaitlyn- I hated Kaitlyn the first night. I thought she was crazy and desperate for attention. However, as the season went on I realized that night was just nervous energy and she is a down-to-earth, fun gal.

2.) Whitney- How cute is she!? This fertility nurse hit off so well with his friends it made me think all the other women should just leave.

1.) Britt- I loved Britt since night one but knew that she and Chris were not a match. I really hope she is the next Bachelorette because I would love to continue watching her search for love.

Who was your favorite lady this season?

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