What's In My Bag

I've seen a lot of "what's in my bag" videos done on YouTube by some of my favorite vloggers, but have never seen one on a blog. I've considered doing YouTube, but I enjoy writing so much, so I decided I could do my own version of the "what's in my bag" tag on my own.

My purse right now is a cheetah print tote made by Xhilaration. It was a Christmas 2012 gift from a friend in Colorado and I still use it from time to time. The gifter clearly knew I love all things cheetah. I used to have a matching wallet, but it disappeared in the hustle and bustle of constantly moving around in college. I usually use it as an overnight bag, but have been using it as a purse this week. One reason I don't use it as a purse more often is because it doesn't have dividers or zipper sections inside of it, so all my junk disappears into the black abyss. I tried to find it online to share, but it is no longer being made.

My "wallet" is a wristlet made by Merona. It's another Target piece that is no longer made, but was a great purchase. I can open the magnet part seen and fit my iPhone and on the other side, (I did not show because of privacy of driver's license and credit cards) has a slot for my license, cards, and cash. It's great for a night out when I only want to carry one small piece, but is also nice to throw in my purse and always be able to find my must-haves....granted I put them back where they belong. Target makes great wristlets for situations like this that are all reasonably priced. I believe I got this one on sale for $12.

Crap, crap, and so much crap! This is my purse CLEAN. 

Most people prefer to keep their calendar on their computer or their phone, but I love having a hard planner in hand. I write everything down in here from my work schedule, social calendar, daily workout and meal plan, and my blogging schedule. I check it every night before bed to see what I have in store for the next day and it has kept me organized throughout my life. I also have my journal that I use to write down ideas I have for my blog, such as recipes and beauty products. The pens I use SUCK. If anyone has any suggestions for good, but not expensive, pens, PLEASE let me know. 

Since I am always on the go and surrounded by strangers and children, I keep a travel hand sanitizer on me at all times. It comes in handy at the oddest times. I also have a compact from Forever 21 that I got for $1.90, EOS lip balm (strawberry sorbet), and a Tide-to-go pen that has saved my butt on numerous occasions. I don't love this flavor of EOS, but I'm going to use it until it runs out. My preference in EOS is pomegranate raspberry, although I am interested in trying lemon drop.

Because I'm NEVER home, I keep most of my pills in my purse. I take Vitamin D daily now because I had a physical last month with lab work and my doctor told me how dangerously low my vitamin d level was. I also take NLA For Her Shred For Her twice a day to give me energy and burn extra fat. I take other medications and vitamins throughout the day for various things and always keep Advil on hand, although I've noticed I give it away to others more than I actually use it.

I'm currently reading The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman and am getting a lot out of it. I recommend it to anyone who wants to love others better. It has taught me what I need to feel loved and what others close to me need to feel loved, and it varies person to person. I also have the most recent copy of People magazine. I try not to buy magazines, but was babysitting the other day and wanted something besides television to occupy me while the kids were asleep.

Every Wednesday, my boyfriend, friends, and I play trivia at a local restaurant. We usually do pretty well, so these are all our winnings. Most of them we've used up on free pitchers and appetizers, but we still have four free Sunday brunches.

Starbucks owns my soul. I wish I could start everyday with a trienta half passion half green tea in hand. I'd have no problem waking up then! A friend gave me this last week when I helped her out with a project and arrived with coffee in hand.


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