Juicing Craze

In the past couple months I have seen and heard a lot about juicing. It's a good way to get fruits and vegetables in and depending on what it is paired with, can be a healthy way to cleanse your body.

Every time I've juiced, I am left feeling clean, lean, and ready to take on the day. When I was ready to finally take my health seriously, about a month ago, I juiced twice a day for a week. I had juice for breakfast and lunch, with a snack and light dinner later in the day. It curbed my sugar cravings and cleansed my body before taking on a clean eating regime (which yes, I sometimes break.)

photo courtesy of Blue Print Cleanse

Juicing protects against cardiovascular disease, cancer, and inflammatory diseases. However, if not done properly it can harbor bacteria and lead to food poisoning, so be sure to only make enough juice for one usage at a time. It can also extract fiber from the fruit, so be sure to eat fiber and protein rich foods throughout your day.

While making juice on your own at home is my favorite way to go, it is convenient for others to just purchase the juice already made. I have not tried Pressed Juicery, but know of many people such as Brianna Traynor, Shay Carl, and Carlie Butler, who have had much success with their program. I love the Whole Foods Pressed Juices, especially the Watermelon, and Evolution Fresh juices, especially the grapefruit.

Do you juice? Comment below with your favorite recipes or companies to get juice from.

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