Fashion Friday: Graduation

Tomorrow is a big day for a lot of college students across the country...graduation! Most of the graduations in the area are tomorrow...including mine! Even though I finished school in December, CLU didn't have a winter commencement ceremony, so tomorrow is my special day. I'm looking forward to walking with all my friends and spending the evening celebrating with my family. Here's a peak at the type of outfit you might see me in this weekend (for a LOT cheaper).

-Dressystar Women's Short Dress, in mint, from Amazon, $110
-Feather & Stone Amazonite Circle Earrings, from Question-Air, $220
-Miss Selfridge Margo Metal Metallic Wedge, from Miss Selfridge, $105
-Mahnaz Ispahani Vintage Baroque Pearl & Gold Filigree Bracelet, from Barneys, for the price of my right kidney, $18,000


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