Juan PabNO

I'm finally all caught up on The Bachelor....

Juan Pablo is the scum of the earth. I don't think ABC could have picked a slimier guy as the bachelor. To get all the way to meeting Renee's little boy, then not giving her a rose broke my heart. However, she's a remarkable woman and my favorite this season, I know she can do better. I was hoping she would be the next Bachelorette, but rumor has it next season belongs to Andi. If I were Andi I would have gone running out of the overnight, which in a way she did. I wish they had been recorded so America could see what garbage he is, but Andi did a good job exposing him for all he is. He talks about what a family man he is and how much he wants to find a good guy for his daughter, but he insinuated that he slept with Clare mid-season on air, something his four year old may not understand now, but she will figure it out in ten years. Juan Pablo will have a perfect match in either Crazy Clare or Negative Nikki, but it won't last when they realize they aren't in St. Lucia anymore.

Here are some funny tweets I've come across this week regarding the past two episodes of The Bachelor:


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