Enjoying the Moments

I'm someone who has to plan everything out down to the minute. If it doesn't go as planned, I get anxiety up the wazoo. It's been really hard for me post graduating to understand that things just won't go as planned. If you had asked me what six months ago what I would be doing today, I would assume I'd be at a super awesome 9-5 job with great pay. Instead I'm covered in a 7 month old's spit up writing how I feel on an online forum that I doubt anyone reads.

When I was given the opportunity several times this weekend to just roll with it and not worry about making perfect plans, I learned some really great things and had a freaking sweet weekend. The feeling I had at a George Strait concert I bought tickets to just hours before the concert with my boyfriend, soaking in the moment, thinking "wow...this is my life!" was way better than the feelings I have when I'm trying to figure out what is going to happen next.

Thursday Night: 100 Days Party
Kiersten, Jade, Courtney, and Me...Blame it on the fireball.

Martina McBride & George Strait covering Johnny Cash's "Jackson"

Beautiful shot of James & I taken yesterday at Conejo Creek Park by Emma Hopp Photography


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