Top 10 Celebrity Breakdowns Of All Time

Shia LaBeouf has been making headlines recently for having a mental breakdown. Abnormal actions are nothing new for LaBeouf who has been in the limelight since age 10, when he starred on the Disney Channel hit, Even Stevens. LaBeouf who was accused earlier this year of plagarism, and has taken to Twitter in the past couple weeks to let everyone know that he is no longer famous. He was spotted this weekend at the Berlinale Film Festival with a brown grocery bag over his head. 

Nothing says celebrity breakdown quite like taking to Twitter...

In theme with Shia's breakdown, I have compiled the top ten celebrity breakdowns of all time. Feel free to agree, disagree, add, or subtract in the comments below.

10.) Paul Reubens (aka Pee Wee Herman): Arrested in 1991 for "indecent exposure" in an adult movie theater, Reubens tried to get out of legal trouble by offering to host a children's benefit for the Sarasota, Florida sheriff's station. The news of Reubens arrest spread like wildfire and it was immediately discovered that he had previously been arrested in the 1970's for other acts at adult movie theaters. He was arrested again in 2002 for a case of child pornography. 

9.) Naomi Campbell: In a span of ten years, the model was accused of ten different counts of assault. Many of them were for her attacking assistants with mobile devices, but others included spitting on police officers at London Heathrow Airport, causing her to be permanently banned from British Airways. After being sentenced to community service, Campbell showed up in a silver ball gown, fedora, and fur vest.

8.) David Hasselhoff: In 2007, a home video surfaced of The Hoff drunk and shirtless laying on the floor of a hotel room eating a cheeseburger. The video was filmed by his 15 year old daughter, in which she can be heard asking him to stop drinking so much. The actor/singer believed his daughter set him up to get media attention.

7.) Mel Gibson: A self-proclaimed manic depressive, Gibson has struggled with alcoholism throughout his life. While filming Lethal Weapon 2, it was rumored that the actor drank five pints of beer for breakfast. He contemplated suicide in 2004 and then was arrested in 2006 for DUI, where he yelled at the arresting officer, famously referring to him as "sugar tits." Gibson also made many anti-Semitic remarks.

6.) Alec Baldwin: In 2007, Baldwin left his daughter Ireland, age 11 at the time, a nasty voicemail going off about ex-wife Kim Basinger. He told Ireland, "You are a rude, thoughtless little pig...You don't have the brains or decency as a human being." Four years later the actor was kicked off a flight for acting belligerently when asked to turn his phone off. Apparently the flight attendant was interrupting his game of Words With Friends. In 2013, Baldwin used several gay slurs while physically attacking. a photographer

5.) Robert Downey Jr.: After being arrested in 1986 for heroin and cocaine, the actor proceeded to enter his neighbor's Malibu home and take a nap in a young child's bed. Ten years later he was found driving naked down Sunset Blvd. throwing imaginary rats out his car window. He was arrested again for drugs, as well as possession of a .357-Caliber Magnum handgun. 

4.) Bill O'Reilly: In the early 1990's the newscaster flipped out on an intern for a teleprompter error. The whole thing was caught on camera, showing O'Reilly's true colors. 

3.) Britney Spears: In 2007 the pop star, fresh out of a very public divorce, entered a salon and shaved her head. She then walked into a tattoo parlor, inking her body with, "I'm tired of everybody touching me." She then attacked photographers with an umbrella and was taken into a psychiatric ward. Many feared her life and she was later placed into a rehab facility.

2.) Amanda Bynes: In 2012, the actress got a DUI and was involved in several hit and runs. She then was caught several times smoking marijuana and was busted for throwing a bong out her apartment window. After continuing to do bizarre things, Bynes then left New York to return to her hometown (and my hometown) of Thousand Oaks, Calif. There she tried to set an elderly woman's driveway on fire using a wash rag and gasoline. After this didn't work she walked to Southwest Liquor & Deli (a place I frequent often for a bottle of wine or two or seven) and tried to wash gasoline off her dog before being arrested and placed a 5150 hold.

1.) Charlie Sheen: There's a whole timeline of crazy for this "winning" actor. In 1996, Sheen was arrested for assaulting then-girlfriend Brittany Ashland. In 1998 he enters rehab for drug and alcohol addiction. In 2006, Sheen and wife Denise Richards divorce, with Richards claiming her husband abused her and threatened her life. In 2009, Sheen is again arrested for assaulting then-wife Brooke Mueller. In 2010, Sheen was hospitalized for going insane in a hotel room, while intoxicated. He was hospitalized again in early 2011, then checked into rehab. His young twin boys were taken from his custody and Sheen is replaced on his hit sitcom Two & A Half Men. The actor then has "goddesses" move into his mansion with him and claims he is made of tiger blood during many of his bizarre rants during interviews. 


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