Are people stupid? Okay, don't answer that.

I was laying in bed last night reading this month's Cosmo when an article struck me in the wrong way. It was about the "new thing" called the Vaportini, where people literally inhale liquor. It lets users get drunk quickly on little booze, without consuming calories. While this may sound like a better option than grabbing drinks with friends, it's not. Because it is inhaled, it immediately hits the brain at a very high concentration. There is no way to track how much alcohol enters the body and it can not be thrown up, which puts users at a very high risk for serious illness or death.

This is right up there on the stupidity level with the fad from a couple years ago where young adults would soak tampons in alcohol then insert them in their body to get drunk. Why wouldn't you just drink your alcohol? For me, drinking is a social event and the Vaportini takes all the fun out of it. It's main purpose is to just get drunk quick and not enjoy the journey. I don't ever really WANT to get drunk, sometimes it just happens after a few too many glasses of wine and episodes of Real Housewives with the roommates.

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