Another season of The Bachelorette is underway and so far it is overwhelmingly boring. 

There was a lot of controversy about their being two Bachelorettes, but I had no issue with it. If you think about the concept of the show, adding an extra women to the mix is not a big deal. It’s a show about picking and choosing who is a better fit. In this case, the guys got to make the choice before the girls. 

Britt was one of my favorites last season. I was not a big fan of Kaitlyn, but I think there could be way worse choices for The Bachelorette. The girls are total opposites so I think it was a good idea for the guys to get to choose. Britt is sweet, sincere, and faith-based. Kaitlyn is vulgar, honest, and rough around the edges. Ultimately the men chose Kaitlyn as this seasons Bachelorette.

Prior to the season premiere I looked at the guys profiles on ABC’s website. Based on reading about them all, my favorites were Ben H., Cory, and JJ. My least favorite guys were Brady, Chris, and Shawn B. Ironically, those final three guys were some of the biggest names on the premiere. Brady chose to leave Kaitlyn to pursue a relationship with Britt, Chris received the first kiss of the season, and Shawn B got the first impression rose. 

After watching the show, my initial impressions of the men were altered. For example, I graded the drunk mess Ryan M. 3/5 stars based on his profile. However, after watching him act a fool and get kicked off before the episode even ended, he barely got 1 star. I had also given Jonathan and Jared both 2/5 stars, yet after the episode Jared now has 4 stars and Jonathan has 5. 

Some awkward out of the limo moments? Tanner giving Britt a box of Kleenex, Shawn E showing up in a hot tub, and Chris rolling in on a cupcake scooter. 

Essentially, Ryan M. was sent home, Brady chose to leave, and Bradley, David, Josh, and Shawn E were sent home. 

My current favorites are Ben H., Ben Z., Jonathan, and Jared. However, I think Shawn B and Chris are Kaitlyn’s front runners. Based on the previews of the season, it looks like Nick Viall (and Vial is exactly what he is!) from Andi’s season will be making an appearance, pleading his case for a shot with Kaitlyn, and making it pretty far. I think Nick and Kaitlyn have potential to be a great couple.

What are your thoughts on the season so far? Who are your favorite guys?

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