I lead such an exciting life that last Friday I decided to spend the night organizing my bathroom. I could not believe the amount of junk I had stored under my sink. To my defense a lot of it is stuff that has been sent from various companies that I have tried a couple times then thrown back under the sink because I am stuck in my skincare routine. I decided I had to get rid of all the junk. Sell it, give it away, donate it, trash it, I didn't care...90% of it had to go.

Following my clutter clear out here are a few bathroom organization tips I want to share.

Go through your makeup. The nail polish you have had since 7th grade actually does go bad. Someone recently told me they have had the same lip liner pencil for the past 15 years....ew. The shelf of life of makeup:

  • Mascara - 3 months, also change after being sick
  • Foundation - 6 to 12 months
  • Concealer - 1 year for liquid, 2 years for powder
  • Face powder - 2 years, but if it gets wet toss it
  • Blush - 2 years, but if it gets wet toss it
  • Eye shadow - 3 months (this shocked me...I have been using a couple Urban Decay palettes for years!)
  • Eye liner - 3 months, but change after being sick
  • Lip stick - 1 year, but change after being sick
  • Nail polish - whenever it gets dry and/or clumpy
Hang spice racks on the bathroom wall to hold cosmetics, nail polish, etc and have them readily available.

Use a magnet strip to hold bobby pins.

Use a stacked plate rack to hold makeup, jewelry, and more.

Use ice cube trays to store small hair accessories.

Hit up the Dollar Store! The amount of organizational items they have their for LITERALLY one dollar are phenomenal. 

What are your favorite organization tips? 

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