A couple weeks ago I had two things to return in the same afternoon - a swimsuit to Old Navy and a top to Walmart. The swimsuit was for a specific event that I did not end up wearing it to. I went two weeks without wearing the top and decided I should return it since I clearly was not that into it. Returning to Old Navy was near impossible. Returning to Walmart was the easiest thing I have ever done. This experience got me thinking about the return policies of various stores and how I would probably not shop at Old Navy because of their terrible policy.

Here are some of the best store return policies I have heard of:

  • Costco -- No time limit on returns, besides a 90 day return policy for electronics.
  • Kohl's -- With a receipt you have 1 year to return items. If longer than a year or no receipt on hand, store credit will be given.
  • R.E.I -- Will accept all returns within one year. Because majority of their items are outdoor equipment, they believe you do not know if you like it until you use it.
  • Nordstrom -- No tag? No problem! Nordstrom will allow you to return pretty much anything as long as it is still sold at their store. Such a lenient policy is assumed to cause animosity between customers and employees. 
"When I worked in the trend's women's department, a lady returned a pair of jeans, saying she had gotten home and noticed spots. The jeans were meant to be white but they had scuffs and stains like she had gone out in them and spilled everywhere. Turns out she had gotten them a week before for a birthday celebration and returned them after wearing and ruining the. 

When I worked in kids, a women brought back an ELEVEN YEAR OLD infant sleeping sack with the tags still on. 

Nordstrom employees are taught to use their discretion in matters like those, but we are always expected to treat our customers with the upmost respect and understanding," says a Nordstrom employee.

Some stores with awful return policies, besides Old Navy?
  • Best Buy -- Customers only have 14 days to return items that are eligible for return (majority of items purchased are ineligible.)
  • Forever 21 -- Store credit only for all returns.
  • Target -- There is a $70 limit allowed per year for cash back on returns. Any amount after that has to be given in store credit.
What are your best/worst return experiences?


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