Post-grad life is a RUDE awakening for so many people. I was one of them. You spend your whole life in school and under the help of your parents, then all of a sudden you are thrown out to be eaten by the wolves. So many things I wish I had learned that my sixteen years in school never taught me. Here are some of them:

1.) How to budget. I had never needed one really. My schooling, housing, and food was all paid for. The only thing I had to budget up until college graduation was how many jugs of Carlo Rossi we could afford on Friday night.

2.) How to repair stuff. When I got a flat tire last year I had no clue what to do, who to call, or how much it would cost.

3.) Job applications. I know that the school offers career centers and even internship classes vaguely touch on how to write a cover letter, but it should be a semester long class.

4.) First Aid. People should not have to pay to learn CPR or how to wrap a bloody finger!

5.) Basic marketing. People only learn marketing if it is their major. I think everyone should know the basic of it. This could be tied into the job application course...people need to know how to market themselves.

6.) Dating. Not everyone gets as lucky as I do, but I could have definitely used a crash course on the whole relationship thing.

7.) Self Defense. This should be taught the first semester of freshman year.

8.) Taxes. I know that they get taken out of my paycheck and that I have to file them. I would love to know more about them.

9.) Cooking.

10.) How to negotiate.

What do you wish you had learned in college?

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