Monday Giggles

I was hoping to have time to do a product review of Dr. Dennis Gross skincare products today, but I worked 12 hours so the day slipped away from me. I work another 12 tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get back into the blogging routine when I'm back to my normal schedule Wednesday and on to the rest of the week.

So instead of doing the review, I'll share a funny story of something that happened to me today while at work.

For those of you who don't know, I'm a nanny in the morning and a library assistant in the afternoon and evening. (In my head I'm a full time blogger.) This morning I was walking to the park with three kids all under three-the older ones twins & a nine month old baby. We had the baby in a Radio Flyer push cart buckled in front and one of the twins was standing on the back peddles. I was pushing. After about a 20 minute walk, we were almost to the park when a wheel went flying off the Radio Flyer. My jaw hit the floor. Not only did the wheel just roll off, it rolled into the opening on the side of the road for the sewage system, so there was NO getting it back. I took the baby out and put her on my hip, pushing the missing wheeled stroller back up the hill toward their house, the kids walking next to me & one of them in tears because the wheel was gone. I was doing my best to keep my cool, all while screaming in my head, when a very nice older man stopped his car and asked if the wheel had broken. I told him the situation and he got us, and the push cart back home.

In the moment I was frustrated and stressed out, but looking back twelve hours later, it's the funniest part of my day.

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