Spring Cleaning

It's that time of year again....spring cleaning! Lucky for me-- I'm NOT participating! Since I moved home the last week of December, I spent most of January going through everything I own. I got rid of a ton, put some in storage, donated some, and organized what I had left. After several weeks of it, I decided to provide you all with some tips on how you can make the most out of your spring cleaning!

  • One room at a time! Don't overwhelm yourself by thinking you can get through the whole house in one day. It's unlikely unless you live in a box. Spend 20 minutes a day cleaning and organizing for a month and that 600 minutes can make a HUGE difference.
  • Virtually move. When questioning if you should keep something or get rid of it, ask yourself: "If I was moving, would I take this with me?"
  • Clean greasy gas burners in sealed plastic bags with ammonia. No matter how hard I scrub, the gas burners never look that clean. By letting them soak in ammonia for awhile, it breaks all the grease down and leaves them looking brand new.
  • Boil lemon for a fresh scent. All the cleaning products and dust in the air can leave the house feeling musty and uncomfortable. By boiling a lemon in water, a fresh citrus scent will overpower all cleaning scents.
  • Baking soda cleans all. End of story. 
  • Soak a dryer sheet in pans to remove food that is baked on. Just as with gas burners, sometimes no matter how hard you scrub, there's still some residue there. By using dryer sheets, it eliminates any leftovers the next time you try to bake.
  • After cleaning out your closet, turn all your hangers backwards. When you wear things throughout the year, turn them the right way. When you go to spring clean next year, immediately get rid of all the clothes with their hangs still backwards. It will show you what you didn't wear last year, so you won't wear it this year.
  • The Container Store is your BFF. If you need a little extra organization, head to The Container Store. They have all sorts of organizational helpers for such a great price!

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