Makeup Monday: NYC Individual Eyes Custom Compact

Today's Makeup Monday review is on New York Color's Individual Eyes Custom Compact. My #1 favorite thing about NYC products is how inexpensive they are. Eyeshadows are something I like to have many different options for, so I spend much less on them than I would foundation, where I only own one or two at a time. I picked my compact up at Rite Aid for I believe 4.99. I got the palette that is best for green eyes, and I am really enjoying it.

The palette has four different colors, with suggestions on where to place each shade, as well as a primer, illuminator, and eye shadow brush. It stays on throughout the day and really adds a pop that plays up your eyes, because the shades are based to compliment each individual's eye color. It's also compact enough to throw in your purse.

Two things I didn't like about this palette is that it doesn't have a mirror, so while it is an "on-the-go" size, you can't take it on the go without having another compact available and also the fact that I need to do more than one application for it to be visible. I have to build on it 3-4 times for it to be the color shown in the palette.

Overall I enjoy the product and will continue to use it on days I'm not wearing glasses and when I want my eyes to pop!

Here I am yesterday wearing NYC Individual Eye Custom Compact for green eyes

Check out the best palette for your eye shade!

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