Weekly Wisdom

What a great weekend! Friday night I made a DELICIOUS dinner for my boyfriend & his roommate-- scalloped potatoes au gratin, pesto & mozzarella stuffed chicken, garlic snap peas, & strawberry sangria. ALL HOMEMADE. It was the best thing I've ever made & I will be posting the meal this week. Yesterday the three of us went to Anaheim to enjoy the Angels lose to the Mets in 13 innings. I won free tickets via twitter and it was such a good time. We left early (thank goodness--so much traffic!) Then we stopped at a casino for my boyfriend to scratch his gambling itch for 20 minutes. He won $75 so it was well worth the stop. After that we grabbed lunch at Chicago based Portillo's which has unreal hot dogs. They're not the best for my waistline, but we only go when down in Anaheim, which is usually twice a year. Today I have to work, both at the library and then watching the kids, so I wish you all a happy Sunday and amazing week.

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