I have followed Tone It Up for the past couple years. On January 1 they released a 5 day detox, which I decided to participate in. I was nervous because I had tried detoxes before but always failed on day two. This time around I was committed. Through Tone It Up I had found an incredible accountability group and one of them created a group chat for us to connect with each other during this five day period. We chatted with each other and kept each other motivated. When one of us was craving something that would bring down our detox, we turned to each other to remember why we were doing this. At the end of the five days, I had never felt better. The lean protein, the mass quantities of vegetables, and hefty amounts of water left me feeling strong and beautiful. I also incorporated Pressed Juicery juices into my detox, to allow me to get extra greens into my diet, as well as drinking waters that left me feeling hydrated and healthy. I highly encourage every individual to try a detox, not just for the physical aspect, but also for the mental aspect. I realized during this detox that I am strong, I am capable of anything I set my mind to, and that food is fuel for my body.

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