This year I am trying something new with TV Tuesdays. Each Tuesday will host a television related post, whether that is a recap of the previous night's Bachelor, an interview with someone from reality television, or a breakdown of anything else TV related. Because The Bachelor premiered last night, I am going to kick off the first TV Tuesday with my initial thoughts regarding this season. I am excited about this season (and about excitement...smart Arie...smart) and am curious to see how it all plays out!

1. Why do they always have to premiere The Bachelor during college football playoffs/championship time? Last night, and very likely next Monday, were a late start to The Bachelor for me due to the University of Alabama smackdown. Can't they just wait until mid January when football is over and I have nothing else to do with my life on a Monday night?

2. How many times this season are they going to reference Arie's relationship with Emily? We all know he was on her season of The Bachelorette and shocked everyone when Emily did not choose him at the altar. However, it has been five years. If people do not know who Arie is yet based on his relationship with Emily Maynard, then they don't need to know. And why did several girls keep bringing up Emily and that season last night? If you were on a first date with a Bumble guy, would you allude to the fact that you had google searched him, facebook stalked, and looked through the Instagram accounts of his past three girlfriends and their college roommates? No.

3. What happens in your life where you decide to start collecting taxidermy? I could see if you were a hunter in the midwest, but a 26 year old girl from a Los Angeles suburb collecting dead animals, strikes some curiosity.

4. What was the goal of Brittane's parents when they decided to spell her name like that? Coming from someone with a name that can be spelled 14 different ways, I understand her pain.

5. Can this show stop casting girls named Lauren? Not only that, but haven't we already had enough with Lauren B.'s? Four Laurens this season, which ties the four Laurens that were on Ben Higgins season. There are 157 million women in the United States. ABC can certainly find at least 30 that are not named Lauren.

Early Favorites: Caroline, Bekah, Becca, Lauren G
Early Not So Favorites: Chelsea, Krystal, Jessica

Who are you rooting for this season?

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