Migraine got the best of me tonight, but I wanted to get my thoughts on last night's episode of The Bachelor up before TV Tuesday seeped into TV Wednesday. Last night was an enjoyable one, especially compared to last week's snooze fest. I really like the ladies they cast, with the exception of Krystal though. Here are some general thoughts I had while watching last night:

I know these women from GLOW are being a**holes to the ladies to try to bring out the fight in them, but they took it to far. I don't blame Tia & Bibianna for being brought to tears. If I was on that date, I would have joined them.

I was not planning on watching The Winter Games. However, I will be tuning in strictly for my girl Bibs.

Does anyone else think this Lauren B. looks identical to Lauren Bushnell?

What if they had a season that was strictly women named Lauren?

These flashbacks of Analiese's dog trauma are giving me life.

Who the hell does Arie think he is sending my girl Bibs home? I mean I know she didn't get to have her telescope date with him, but still. #BringBackBibs

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