I take a lot of pride in my smile. In my opinion, it is one of the first things people notice about you upon first meeting face to face. Unfortunately as an avid coffee drinker, my teeth have yellowed over the years. However, recently I began using Smile Brilliant and have seen drastic change in the color of my teeth.

Using the Smile Brilliant kit was a very easy process that gave me great results. They include impression molds (with postage), trays, cases, whitening gel and syringes, and desensitizing gel.

My favorite thing about Smile Brilliant is that their teeth whitening trays are custom to the user. I received a package in the mail and was able to make impressions of my mouth to mail back. Within a few days of sending out my molds, Smile Brilliant returned custom fit trays to use the whitening gel with. This is great because many whitening products force you to use too much product because it is not fit to your mouth, creating waste of product and potential damage to gums.

Another thing I love about Smile Brilliant is that they offer a package with a desensitizing gel to use following the whitening. This is perfect for users like me who have sensitive teeth! This keeps tooth enamel protected and prevents the sensitive pain that often comes along with whitening.

Smile Brilliant is running an incredible giveaway right now. To enter click here and you could win your own Smile Brilliant kit! Smile Brilliant is also giving readers a 5% off code when you enter kickbackwithcate upon checkout!


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