I have a love for snail mail. In a time of social media and text messages, there is something beautiful in still receiving a handwritten card or letter. However, getting to the store, finding a perfect card, trying to remember where I put my book of stamps, and then mailing it is something that takes me weeks. However, with the help of Cardly I can choose, write, and send a card within moments. 

Cardly allows individuals to choose a card, created by independent artists (I love supporting small business!) and send to a friend or family member. There are a wide array of cards on their site, for birthday, seasonal, and everyday. Some are serious, some are hilarious, and many feature great pop culture references, like this one.

I knew when I saw this one, I had to get it for my brother, the ultimate Home Alone fan, who ironically is also named Kevin.

Whether you want to say hello to a friend or wish your Great Aunt Betty a Happy Birthday, Cardly is the best way to go! You choose the card, write a message, and they mail it for you.

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