Everyone loves holidays and partying with family or friends. That’s probably one of the reasons why people are looking forward to Thanksgiving Day. It is one of the most family-oriented holidays when families get together, share a meal and give thanks for each other and everything they have in their lives.

However, planning and organizing a Thanksgiving party can sometimes be exhausting and daunting. You have to prepare the dinner, decorate the house and table, prepare fun games and activities, etc. Although it sounds like a lot of work it is actually very easy if you try some of these tips and tricks.

Preparing some of the food in advance is always a good idea. Also, decorating the house prior to Thanksgiving day will help you have a stress-free holiday. With Labeley, a free online label maker, you can create gorgeous table settings and festive house decorations that will surprise your guests. The tool offers so many elements for custom label designs for creating unique place cards and thank you notes, cheery banners for decorating the mantel or entrance, fun games for the kids, festive centerpieces, colorful gift tags and more.


Here is a quick guide and some ideas to get you started with this totally free and fun to use tool:

Go to Labeley’s holidays and start designing by selecting one of the shapes. The tool offers wide range of shapes, variety of free borders, ribbons, graphics and fonts and an option to fully personalize the label by uploading any photo from your computer. Explore the various sections and choose the options that suite you the best.

For example, you can use Labeley to create a fun game for the youngsters. Choose any shape and background. Then use some of the free graphics and place them on the left side of the page while on the right side you can write a name for each object. Then print out a few samples of this design and hand them over to the kids. They would need to draw a line from each picture on the left side to the matching word on the right. It will definitely keep little hands busy.


Labeley can also come in handy when creating place cards for the guests. Just create stickers with a thankful note for each person and place them around the table so guests will know where to seat. Everyone will surely be impressed when they read their names and how special they are to you.


Another idea is to prepare a few types of festive cards, so everyone can write down what they’re thankful for, share their thoughts after the dinner and then tie the notes to branches of fall foliage.  It would definitely be a fun centerpiece for the party.

Hope these ideas will inspire you to create festive decorations and fun games throwing the best Thanksgiving party ever! Happy Thanksgiving day!

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