Spring break is here for many people. For me, it is a couple more weeks away, but the weather is warming up and fun plans are quickly getting penciled in on my planner. Here are some tips for a fun and safe spring break whether you are traveling or staying local.

  • Stay hydrated! Whether you are spending time outdoors or enjoying a couple adult beverages, dehydration can happen quickly. Remember to drink at least 64 fluid ounces, and add to that if you weigh over 150 pounds.
  • Wear sunblock! Be sure to lather up with SPF. Reapply after a couple hours or spending time in the water. Try to avoid spray sunscreen as it can lead to inhalation issues and does not provide proper coverage.
  • Watch your cash use! Do not carry too much cash on you at any given time. If on vacation, utilize the safe in your hotel room. If you are visiting an ATM, do not go after dark for obvious safety reasons.
  • Do not drive! If you consume any amount of alcohol, please do not get behind the wheel. Convenience is not worth the price of a DUI or even worse the cost of your life or the lives of others. Walk to your destination or call for an UBER. For a free ride with Uber, use the coupon code h016x and safe yourself from the risks of a stupid decision.
What are your plans for spring break?

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