I was horrified recently to learn about a website called Essay Pro. This service (which is really hindering others) writes essays for the students. While Essay Pro claims that many students do not have the time or skills to write an essay, I am appalled. Instead of encouraging students to upload their essay prompt and rubric to a website, enter their credit card info and wait, let's teach them the tools for success. Let's expose them to websites encouraging time management. Let's expose them to websites that allow students to upload their essays and receive feedback on what is great and what they could improve upon.

I hope the cost of Essay Pro is enough to keep the users away. I did a free quote (out of curiosity and for the knowledge of this blog post only) to see how much my upcoming case study due would be and the estimated total was $324. When I put in for the free quote I had to include my phone number. (I was stupid enough to put my real one, not thinking much of it.) Nearly daily since doing this a week ago I have gotten multiple calls asking for more information on my paper.

As if the concept was not crazy enough! From someone who is both currently a student and a teacher, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not utilize websites like this!

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