My goal for February was self awareness. I wanted to focus on my emotions and relax when I felt overwhelmed. I wanted to get organized, express gratitude, and stick to my guns with how I feel. I'd say I got a good start to that in February, especially since my favorite thing I did this month was kick up my feet on a Friday night and binge watch Fuller House. This month there was a lot going on and it was a rough month, but I have learned to "center my chi." 

Some other things I loved in February?

The song Vacation by Thomas Rhett, the Maybelline Master Contour Kit, and "Move On: When Mercy Meets Your Mess" by Vicki Courtney. (An fun loving song for a teacher anxiously anticipating spring break, a simple makeup kit for us contouring newbs, and a book that has totally shaken my core to get to the bottom of why I can't get past the muck in the past and move forward to the beauty of the future. A book that pushed me so hard to the edge of discovery that for the first time in my life I opened up and shared my testimony with my women's Bible study.)


So what's on the agenda for March? Getting my priorities in check. I had a realization yesterday that I am barely staying afloat with all the craziness of life when I missed a deadline for a paper. I thought it was due March 7th and figured I'd get a jump start on it, only to log in to my online class to see it was due 4 hours prior....WOOPS! That's the first time in my life a paper has ever been late and I could not shake the disappointment looming into today. I took the time to stop and think about what is important versus what is urgent. I get the two mixed up often. Responding to emails and texts seems urgent, but is it really important? Working on a paper that is due next week is important, but is it really urgent? I want to focus on what is important and not what is urgent. I want to stop treating time like it is the enemy and instead have time on my side. Instead of having a looming to-do list I want to pick 3-5 tasks per day to truly dive into and accomplish to the best of my ability. At the end of this life, will it matter that I had one overdue paper? Nope! But what will matter is that I used that degree to change the lives of children who need my love and support.


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