A new year brings all new trends. Here are my favorite trends coming in 2015, a lot of which I have already started wearing in the past couple months!
Fashion Trends

1.) Military green -- I love military green in jackets. This one from American Eagle Outfitters is great for all kinds of weather.

2.) Shirt dresses -- I clearly remember my mom wearing something like this in the late 90's. She was 2015 chic before 2015 was even a thing!

3.) Kimonos -- I can never get enough of these. I already own three, but I just picked up a fourth while cleaning out my grandmother's house this weekend. I don't think it is one I will actually wear, but it is a beautiful, coral, floral kimono she got from Japan.

4.) One shoulder cuts -- I have always loved one shoulder dresses! I wore one at my brother's wedding last year and plan on wearing one when I get married. I have never felt comfortable going strapless, and this is a cute, stylish way to show some skin, without showing too much.

5.) Romantic lace -- This white lace dress is similar to the dress I wore at college graduation. It is great to pair with heels for a formal date or cowboy boots for a night out on the town.

Beauty Trends

1.) The "Lob" -- the Long Bob has gone in and out of style all throughout the 2000's and I am pleased that it is back in. I have always been a fan of the bob, but I am glad I can look in style while I try to grow my shoulder length hair out.

2.) Braids -- Blame Frozen for this one. Braids are back in. Unfortunately I don't have long enough hair for a full braid, but I will be braiding my awkward length bangs back for the next couple months as they grow out.

3.) Crimped hair -- How perfect to pair with braids! Wear it braided one day, then take out the braids and look just as great with your second day hair.

4.) Nude skin -- I am a HUGE fan of this effortless look. I have been trying hard to cut back on my makeup wear (I've only worn it once in 2015!) and am glad that the minimal look is in.

5.) Pink lips -- My favorite pink lipstick is Please Me from Mac. Be sure to have exfoliated lips when pulling off this look. It can look really bad if your lips are peeling off underneath the pink! This pairs beautifully with the rest of your face being nude as it can really play up such a sensual feature.

What are your favorite trends for 2015?


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