Why do I blog?

I have always had a passion for writing. Growing up I filled spiral notebooks with plot lines, character analysis', and short stories. I gifted poems to family members on holidays. I have a running list of novel ideas I would love to write, including a memoir, if I ever have the time and patience. (I'm really great at starting things....and really bad at finishing them.)

I started this blog with encouragement from my old college roommate, Elisa, because I had a lot to say regarding a stressful time in my life. I was graduating college and completely lost in who I was and who God wanted me to be. She told me I should write about it. Writing it out helped me channel my emotions positively, but also lead me to grow my passion for writing.

I started writing about things I loved -- makeup, fashion, fitness, crafts, cooking, and so much more. Writing about these things has been more for me than it has been for any of you. It gives me an excuse to do things I love. If it weren't for this blog I might not allow myself to spend $30 on crafting materials for a holiday wreath or decorative mason jar.

This blog has also become a part of who I am. The past year and a half have been emotionally and spiritually trying on me. However, being able to share my voice without being interrupted or shamed (for the most part) has helped me out a lot. So while it may seem everyone has a blog these days, it is important to understand the purpose behind the keyboard. Sometimes I get flack for not being a niche blogger, writing specifically about one particular topic, but I consider myself to be a lifestyle blogger. All I am doing is simply sharing my life with you. Thanks for coming along for the journey. :)

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