Dashing Dish is a website devoted to a healthy lifestyle. It features recipes, workouts, health coaching, and more. The author, Katie Ferrell, turns unhealthy meals healthy without compromising taste.

Katie is the best selling author of two books. Her newest book, Dashing Dish: 100 Simple & Delicious Recipes for Clean Eating hit shelves December 30, 2014 and is already #7 on the Best Seller List! In December Katie also released Devotions for a Healthier You. Feeding the Mind, Body, and Soul, to help women strengthen their relationship with Christ, while strengthening their bodies.

Katie faced disordered eating for the majority of her teenage life. Eventually the stress and anxiety this caused led her to want to change her ways. She turned to God to pray that he might help her. This lead her on a new path to finding a balanced lifestyle.

"I truly believe that when you seek God with ALL of your heart (about anything) and spend time with Him daily, that His desires will become your desires," Katie writes on her website.

Dashing Dish shares what God has taught her spiritually and physically about reaching a healthy balance and taking care of the body He gave us. Katie has created meal plans, fitness plans, and also can provide health coaching and bridal boot camp. She also has a monthly membership available for those who want access to extra recipes.

I did a four week package where Katie was my health. For only $80, she made me meal plans, workout plans, helped me set up goals, and provided me with a daily devotional. She was such a positive resource for me in kick starting my desire for a healthy lifestyle. Her emails, check ins, and constant support made all the difference in keeping me on track. She was even able to accommodate my gluten intolerance!

For those interested in getting the necessary help in forming healthy habits, connect with Katie here!


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