Here are some of my favorite life hacks to help you out!

  • Moving? Put heavy items, such as books, in a rolling suit case. You won't have to worry about ripping backs or boxes, or making multiple heavy trips.
  • If you ever get trapped underwater in your car, use your car headrest to break the window.
  • Heal paper cuts and stop the pain with chapstick.
  • Put muffin tin liners in the cup holders of your car. No more impossible to get crumbs and gross sticky messes. Just throw away the liner and replace!
  • Embarrassed to be buying something? Get a birthday card with it or ask for a gift receipt.
  • Feeling ugly? Walk around Walmart for a couple hours.
  • Sugar cures a burnt tongue.
  • If you are playing games on your phone, put it on airplane mode. It will get rid of the ads that pop up during the game.
  • Get ticket upgrades. Buy a cheap ticket for a sporting event. When you arrive look at the unsold tickets on and go sit there.
  • Don't buy books! allows you to swap books with others for free.
What are some of your favorite life hacks?

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