Be Positive!

Last night when I was getting ready for bed I was thinking of all the things I did wrong during the day. I shouldn't have had that ice cream. I didn't run as many miles as I wanted. I caked on foundation which is just going to break me out more. Then I realized how negatively I was talking to myself. If I want to make any changes I need to be more positive.

Instead of focusing on all the things I did wrong, I should focus on all the things I did right. I ran, even though I'm injured. I made a delicious, healthy dinner. I started Vlogcember on my YouTube channel...something I'm nervous about doing, but decided to try anyway.

Besides focusing on the good things I do each day, I am going to focus on making the right choices that I won't regret. If I don't drive through McDonald's for an ice cream, I won't regret it later.

I also want to rid the negative people in my life. The other day I realized that one of my "friends" only calls me when she wants to complain about mutual friends we have. This usually leaves me feeling negative and annoyed with the people she is frustrated with when we get off the phone, even though they did no wrong to me. Cutting people like this out of my life can change my mood quite a bit!

I also want to thank people more often. Simple texts mean the world to me, so I can imagine how much they mean to other people. My goal is to remind the people in my life how important they are to me. A simple text or a note in the mailbox can make a big difference in someone else's day, while also leaving me feeling more positive about the great relationships I have.

How are you going to be more positive this month?


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