Blue Apron is amazing. Hands down the best product I've ever talked about on this blog. I am so busy all the time and have a crazy schedule between working full time, going to school, blogging, YouTubing, and pretending to have a social life. This hectic schedule can make it difficult for me to find the time to grocery shop and then stick to a meal plan based on what I purchased for the week. However, Blue Apron solves this problem for me.

Blue Apron delivers fresh ingredients to your doorstep in the right amount of portions. They leave nothing out. I figured they would send the main ingredients, not including sugar, butter, etc...but nope, those were included to! How perfect! They send the ingredients for three meals for either two, four, or six people. Because it's just me, I ordered for two people and then ate the leftovers the following night. This is basically one week's dinners for me in one simple order! I eat breakfast and lunch at work, so no grocery shopping is needed for me at all by ordering with Blue Apron.

Blue Apron brought me out of my dinner rut and into trying out new, delicious recipes. I felt like a gourmet chef whipping up these meals. I would love to share great pictures of the way the box came, the ingredients, and the final products, but I don't believe in that virtual world called "The Cloud" and my phone had to be reset on Sunday...losing everything. However, I am participating in Vlogcember in the YouTube world (go check out my channel, no one watches me or subscribes to me cause my life is so boring LOL) so I have a vlog there of me making one of the meals!

For those of you interested in checking out Blue Apron, they are offering the first 50 Kick Back With Cate readers to sign up a great discount on meals! Order one meal, get two free! That's 33% off!
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