Weddings, Weddings, Weddings

Wedding season is amongst us and it is getting better and better each year. With the invention of Pinterest wedding creativity is at an all time high. I even have my own wedding board and I'm not even engaged yet. My brother was married in October and a lot of the cute intricate details never could have been possible or even thought up without Pinterest. In today's post I'll show you my kind of wedding planning all via Pinterest.

Great idea for wedding guests. The newlyweds will have date nights to last a lifetime!

Perfect for a couple of baseball fans. Even better if it happened at a game!

Everyone will be dancing!

I can't believe my grandmother won't be able to attend my wedding when the day comes. This would be a perfect way to honor her and the type of woman and wife I hope to become.

Very useful for next to a guest book! No birthdays will go unforgotten!


How all the bridesmaids met the bride!

Hilarious photo of the bride & groomsmen!

I made a program similar to this for Ryan & Jessica's wedding.

Timeless Dress.

What a cute favor!

Her cowboy boots....aww!

Another really cute party favor!

This will definitely be on display at my future country wedding.

Bride, Groom, Maid of Honor, Best Man...Hilarious!

This will make thank you notes very easy!

Another great party favor...

My friends and I could get real weird with this haha. Great way to show the bridesmaids and all their personalities. I'd be the girl eating ;)

Very cute!

My relationship verse prayed upon me by my beautiful late grandmother.

Great way to do the garter toss for football fans!


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