Super Bowl 48

Well, what can I say? It was a tough loss for my team. No one showed up on the field except for the blue and green. My favorite football coach always says, "defense wins championships." Yesterday the Broncos didn't show a sign off defense or offense, which is disappointing since we are the #1 offense in the NFL. I look forward to the draft in hopes of getting some new guys, as well as Von Miller being back in the starting lineup, to better an already great team. Looking at Bleacher Report this morning, a safe bet would be Stephon Tuitt, DE from Notre Dame.

Commercials were mediocre. None really impressed me except for the Bud Light ones. Shout out to the CLU cheerleaders in their Chrysler commercial with Bob Dylan. Blink and you would've missed them, which apparently I did.

Besides my boys losing, it was an overall nice day. Had a party at my boyfriends house with lots of delicious food and even more delicious drinks. I tried making two new things--buffalo chicken ranch dip and jell-o shots...both were a hit. Lots of cleaning up today, but it was definitely worth it.

Next season: Angels 2014 World Series Champions.

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