Another weekend, come & gone

I need a day between Saturday & Sunday to do absolutely nothing except lay in bed and watch tv, dozing in and out of slumber throughout the day. Friday night, I went to Prime Steakhouse in Agoura Hills. The food was delicious, the company was even better. After that headed to Los Angeles to pick up James' sister from LAX with a pit stop at Diddy Riese along the way. Delicious! You can never go wrong with cookie wheels, especially when they're $1.50 and as big as your face. I spent all day Saturday at my oldest brother Chris' house in Santa Clarita, digging up the yard, pulling weeds, and planting all sorts of stuff. Their new house is coming along and I'm looking forward to barbecuing there next weekend with all our family and friends, including my brother Ryan who is flying in from Florida. I'm starting to get sick again, so hopefully I can feel better before the sweetest baby I know sucks all my energy out of me again this week.


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