Isn't it crazy that we have so much faith and love for something we have no proof of? I'm a Christian, a devout one, but I'm not perfect. I don't go to church every Sunday. I'm not a saint. I am not always nice to my parents. I don't always tell the truth. I don't read my bible often and some of it I just don't agree with.

But when it comes to God, I'm 100% devoted to him because my entire life he has been 100% devoted to me. With his guidance and love, he's proven to me that he's real, regardless of what others say. I will never question him even if I disagree. I believe God puts each and everyone of us through obstacles because he knows we can handle them. He makes everything happen for a reason. While I am not perfect, I believe that we all need to let go and let God and trust his faith and plan for each of us.

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