New Year, Same Me

Every time a new year rolls around, people are always filling up my twitter and Facebook feeds saying, "new year, new me." This year, I don't want to change one bit. I love the person I'm becoming. 2013 was a big year for me. I grew a lot as a person and learned how to handle the struggles I face on a daily basis. While I know I'm not perfect and still have room to grow, I don't want to force it because it's a new year. I will develop with each opportunity that I seek in 2014.

This year I want to find a career and get my own place. I want to travel with my boyfriend, preferably somewhere neither of us have been, but a weekend get away up north will do. I want to find a hobby that I can enjoy anytime and anywhere...apparently Candy Crush doesn't count. (If anyone can help me beat level 70 I would greatly appreciate it, I've been here since Thanksgiving.)

In the past month I've managed to travel to and from Texas, get through all my finals with stellar grades, graduate college, move back in with my parents, find a job, quit said job, and cry....A LOT. This month I want to relax. I want to spend the days with my totally awesome 88 year old grandma hearing over and over again about what a blessed life we life. I want to spend a week straight in bed watching all five seasons of Long Island Medium. I want to drink smoothies, paint my nails, and watch the Broncos win their way to the Super Bowl.

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