In Memory of Father Charles Shelton

It's not often that I miss Regis University. There are times I miss a certain friend, or look back to a certain memory, but overall I do not wish I could go back. I know I made the proper choice in transferring to CLU. I knew at Regis I wasn't right in their questioning of "how ought I to live." 1 Corinthians 10:31 says, "Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God." As a college student tempted by peers and plagued by stress, I found this a difficult task for me to live up to at Regis. Although a Catholic and highly regarded university, I never felt challenged academically, mentally, spiritually, or socially. I was surrounded by negative influences and even developed into being the negative influence among my group of friends. However, this all changed the summer my grandmother passed away from cancer. In a short three week period my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer and then passed away. She was weak and it is better for her to no longer be on earth. Regardless, I took it hard. When I went back to Regis that semester, I knew I was no longer the same person. I wanted to spend every moment I had away from the demons I faced at Regis, and closer to the family I had nearby. I longed to return home and spend time with my family there and change from the ungodly woman I was quickly becoming, so I transferred and set myself right.

While I don't often miss Regis, there are rare mornings like this one in which I long to be back with the community there. Many alumni and friends of mine flew back to Denver this morning to honor a valued man. I considered Father Shelton to be the face of Regis University. He was everywhere on campus and always had wisdom to share. He was a professor, a coach, a priest, a chaplain, a friend, and a role model to many. He often spoke about grace and character, leading by example of how us Rangers should fulfill the Regis motto, "how ought I to live" and the answer is with gratitude. I am thankful for all I have been given in my life, including the personal growth I've undergone because of my time at Regis.

May Father Shelton live in peace, for heaven has truly hit the jackpot.


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