My love affair with Dean Unglert is no secret. He’s the greatest thing to come to me from The Bachelor franchise besides Chase McNary. Dean is a mega babe with a big heart, but he broke my heart Monday night

I’m sad for Kristina. It must have been miserable to experience what she went through. I can’t imagine the guy I like then turning around and going on a date with someone else in front of me. 

But here’s the thing. This is Paradise. It’s a reality television show where people are claiming to find love but are really on the hunt for Instagram followers and DIFF Eyewear. In every season there have been connections made and then someone comes in and it creates a new connection. Dean owed it to himself to go on a date with Danielle. Him and Kristina had already hit a bump in the road.

Do you really think Dean thought up giving Danielle a birthday cake and celebrating her half birthday? Production did. Why else would Danielle have yelled over the ATV that her birthday was December 28th? No one screams about that while riding an ATV through Mexico. It doesn’t happen. Production set up Kristina to get burned. They set up Dean to look like a douche bag. And they set up Danielle to look like a terrible friend. 

I am not condoning what Dean did. I am not saying Kristina does not have a right to feel broken. But we need to remember this is a television show. Production has their hand in everything that happens and has ulterior motives for it all. You could see pain in Dean’s eyes during the half birthday celebration. But is Kristina paying his rent? No. Bachelor Nation is. So he does what he is told to do to make good television and stir up the drama.

Before you start hating my sweet Deanie Babies, think about what you are watching and think about edits in the past. ABC is the mastermind. The Sugar Bear Hair pushers are their puppets. 

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