The Bachelorette finale is on tonight and I have some very strong opinions on some of these men. Here are my Bachelorette power rankings for Rachel's season.

1. Adam
Adam was the most underrated cast member this season. He got barely any screen time, yet somehow made it to the final six. I wanted the AJ storyline to be built up a bit more. Not to mention Adam is an absolute catch. I know he will be on Bachelor in Paradise this season and walks away with a very popular Bachelor Nation lady on his arm.

2. Dean
Dean was never going to be the final guy for Rachel. Just their age alone is far too drastic and they are at completely different places in life. However, I believe that Dean is more mature than most men his age and he is ready to settle down with someone. He will just have to find it on Paradise. My respect for him grew so much after watching his hometown date. I feel awful for him and all that he has been through.

3. Peter
I admire Peter’s honesty. That’s something I never felt I could say about anyone on this show. He does not feel ready to propose to Rachel and he is open about that. I am sure that due to his lack of participation in Paradise that Peter will 100% be the next Bachelor.

4. Eric
Eric grew on me throughout the season. He’s unique in his own way and him and Rachel have a lot of fun together. He is a goof ball and is true to who he is as a person. I was surprised to see him make it to the final 3 and I know that he won’t be on Paradise, so I am curious to see what is next for Eric in the Bachelor franchise. I am sure this is not the end of him.

5. Kenny  
Kenny and Mackenzie. Enough said.

6. Diggy

7. Alex

8. Blake K
I know he got eliminated on night one, but I am hoping he will arrive in Paradise. I think he was a good man who did not get a fair chance.

9. Jack Stone

10. Iggy

11. Fred

12. Mohit
Another one who went home night one, but Mohit made for a comical first night.

13. Matt

14. Bryce

15. Will

16. Anthony

17. Brady

18. Josiah

19. Michael

20. Milton

21. Rob

22. Grant

23. Kyle

24. Jamey

25. Jonathan
If this man arrived on night one and tickled me, I would have shoved him back into the limo and sent him to a land far away.

26. Bryan
Yes, one of the top men is near the bottom of my list. I do not like Bryan. I do not trust Bryan. I haven’t since night one. I get major Josh Murray vibes from him and hope Rachel will see through it.

27. Lucas
I love how irrelevant this man has become since Week 2.

28. Jedidiah

29. DeMario
I did not like him via The Bachelorette. I thought it was sketchy what happened when Lexie showed up, but I did gain sympathy for DeMario following the whole Paradise situation. When ranking him, I had to keep what has happened since The Bachelorette separate.

30. Blake E.

31. Lee
Lee is gross. Possibly top 5 grossest cast members in Bachelor history.

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