If I could have a hair stylist on call everyday, that would be great. But it's never going to happen. However, these five hair hacks have helped me to get my mane contained on the days it's not in a messy top knot.

1. Dry shampoo. All day e'ryday. (This one's my favorite!) Dry shampoo saves you when you don't have time to wash your hair or don't want to wash it every day. It absorbs the excess oil in the hair, making it last an extra 1-3 days without a wash.

2. Change the way you use bobby pins. Before using, spray them with hairspray, so that they get tacky and can hold the grip of your hair better. Afterwards, put them in wavy side down. This way they will not slide throughout the day.

3. Tame fly aways with a toothbrush. Spray it with hairspray and comb them down. They won't go anywhere after. But please just don't use that toothbrush for anything but that from that day forward. 😧

4. Lather, rinse, and actually repeat. A lot of times when when we wash and rinse hair, it's not enough to strip the grime and dirt out. By doing it a second time, it assures the perfect cleanliness. It also allows your hair to be able to go longer without washes. (At least in my experience.)

5. For perfect beach waves, but not much time, braid your hair, then run a straightener over it. It will leave you with lovely, loose waves.

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