Recently I was asked if I could have ice cream with any president, who would it be? This lead me to think about which celebrities I would want to have dinner with

1.) Michelle Money - I have loved her since The Bachelor, loved her even more in Reality Steve podcasts, and loved her most in my Money Method course. I would love to sit down and get to know her in real life.
2.) James Lafferty - I would love to see if he's as perfect in real life as he is in One Tree Hill as Nathan Scott.
3.) Peyton Manning - I see him as the greatest football player of my generation and of course a Bronco's Super Bowl quarterback, so I would love to share a drink and meal with him and hear his stories of his time in the league.
4.) Reese Witherspoon - She is my favorite actress and I feel like we would be real life besties.
5.) Lauren Graham - After years of watching her play Lorelei Gilmore and recently listening to her newest book, I feel like she would have me peeing my pants at the dinner table.

Which celebrity would you want to have dinner with?

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